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High Scores

From 2006 to 2009 we asked people to submit their high scores to Yahtzee.org.uk and over 1000 people did so.

Working with the submitted high scores, we've done some analysis. One thing to come out of this is that the profile of submitted scores each year follow a closely matching trend, so it does look like the scores are fact and not fantasy.

The most often achieved high score zone is 600-650, with 23% of all submitted high scores being in this range. Due to the nature of Yahtzee scoring, its much less likely that you'll score 550-600 or 650-700 and much more likely your score will land in the ranges 600-650 or 700-750.

In fact, if you do score in the less likely ranges, it probably means you haven't realised the correct rule on scoring multiple yahtzee throws and you're missing out on your score. Check the rules page - the additional yahtzee's section is highlighted in green.

Here's a graph showing the %age of scores in each range submitted in each year. You can clearly that some ranges are much more likely than others, and that the profiles are very similar for each year.

graph of yahtzee high scores

The average high scores were 588 in 2006, 586 in 2007, 573 in 2008 and 573 again in 2009, with an overall average of 581.

You can download the list of high scores and analysis, in excel format, to play with yourself. Do get in touch if you come to any interesting conclusions (theres a contact link at the bottom of the home page).